Tenant repair responsibilities

Click on the tabs below to see what repairs we are responsible for and what you're responsible for:

We will repair and maintain:

Outside your home:

  • the physical structure and the exterior of your home. This includes walls, floors, ceilings, window frames, outside doors, drains, gutters, outside pipes, roofs, chimneys.
  • paths, steps and fencing that has been provided by us
  • any garage shed or outbuilding built by us
  • any shared areas around your home that belongs to us – including halls, lifts, stairways, passageways, lighting and door entry systems
  • door-entry systems and intercoms that we own

Inside your home:

  • internal walls, skirting boards, doors and door frames, thresholds, floors and ceilings – but does not include painting and decorating
  • defective timber flooring or stair treads that are a safety risk
  • loft installation provided by us
  • kitchen and bathroom fittings installed by us
  • servicing and inspection of fire protection systems (where provided) and firefighting equipment

Plumbing, heating and electrical:

  • electrical wiring, gas appliances, pipes flues and ventilation
  • heating equipment and water-heating equipment
  • basins, sinks, baths, toilets or any other sanitary fittings including pipes and drains

As a tenant, you are responsible for:

Outside your home:

  • maintenance or adjustment of television aerials (except communal aerials) and satellite dishes
  • the care and upkeep of your garden, hedges and trees within the boundary of your home
  • rubbish clearance and disposal of unwanted items
  • repair and replacement of your own fences and sheds and locks to those sheds

Inside your home:

  • gaining entry, replacement of door locks (if it was not caused because of crime) and keys and fitting extra locks and catches
  • replacement of cracked or smashed glass (if it was not caused because of crime)
  • repair and fitting of cat and dog flaps (permission required to fit)
  • the supply and fitting of curtain rails
  • internal painting and decorating
  • adapting doors to accommodate carpets
  • filling in hairline plaster cracks and holes in plaster
  • repair of shelving and coat rails
  • re-fixing screws and hinges on cupboards, internal or external doors
  • clearing any room at the property or attic to enable maintenance work to be carried out

Plumbing, heating and electrical:


  • replacing shower curtains and shower rails (if not fitted by us)
  • clearing blocked toilets, sinks, basins, bath or shower water pipes where blockages originate within your home
  • replacement of bath and basin plugs and chains, toilet seats and covers
  • plumbing in tenant’s own appliances including washing machines and dishwashers
  • leaks from tenant’s own appliances e.g. washing machines

Heating and electrical

  • maintenance of any heating, gas or electrical fixtures and appliances not fitted by us
  • bleeding radiators and clearing air locks
  • re-setting trip-switches
  • setting heating controls
  • battery-operated smoke alarms installed by you
  • connecting and disconnecting gas or cookers not supplied by us
  • replacing plugs, lamps and tenants own light fitting
  • telephone and internet points



It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not do anything in your home that would interfere or cause damage to any of the areas that are our responsibility such as building structure fixtures and fittings

We will continue to carry out some of the work that is recognised as being tenant responsibilities for vulnerable tenants under the repair support scheme.

We will be responsible for rectifying any damage we cause by attempting repairs and improvements.

We are not responsible for your belongings and we recommend that you take out home contents insurance to protect the things in your home from damage or theft.

CCG will not be responsible for any repairs if:

  • you have deliberately damaged your home or allowed it to be damaged. See our Rechargeable Repairs Policy
  • you have not looked after your home as part of your duties in your tenancy agreement
  • the work relates to any improvements you have made without our permission
  • any work where we have not formally accepted responsibility to repair and maintain

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