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Gaining valuable experiences over the summer

16 young people from Pwllheli and Bangor have been taking part in a summer scheme run by the largest housing assoication in North Wales, Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd (CCG) to help improve their communities.

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The Welsh Government set the expected performance standards for social landlords in Wales.

They have clearly stated that they expect us to deliver in 10 key areas in order be effective as a social landlord.

In order to demonstrate this we undertake an annual self-assessment against each of the performance areas and provides the findings to the Welsh Government.

Our opinion from our most recent self-evaluation is included as part of the CCG Self evaluation Statement

As a company, our values are important to us – that we are fair, open, ambitious and accountable. It’s therefore vitally important that we understand how we are performing, and it is essential that we are open with staff, tenants and stakeholders regarding our performance. We have introduced a system that enables us to measure and report upon our performance across key business areas.

Every year we report upon our key performance indicators to the Welsh Government as part of our annual self-evaluation. We are also part of a benchmarking organisation that allows us to compare our progress to that of other housing associations, including those in Wales and beyond.

See our self evaluation here

Download our annual reports below:

Annual Report 2018-19

Annual Report 2018 Cover
Annual Report 2016-17
Annual Report 2015/16
annual report 2014/15
annual report 2013/14
annual report 2012/13
annual report 2011/12
annual report 2010/11

Download our financial statements below:

Financial Statement 18-19

Financial Statements 17-18
Financial Statements 16-17 Statement of Accounts 2015/16
financial statements 2014/15
financial statements 2013/14
financial statements 2012/13
financial statements 2011/12
financial statements 2010/11

We want to know how our tenants believe we are doing. To help us find out we've been working with a market research agency to ask 125 tenants each month about their experience with CCG.

We use this feedback to improve our services.
In other words we try and do more of what you told us you like and less of what you don't like.

The feedback we receive and tenant surveys undertaken by other Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) in Wales are monitored by our Regulator the Welsh Government. To enable our tenants, those who are considering becoming our tenants and other interested organisations and individuals to compare how our tenants feel about our services, the Welsh Government has launched a new comparison tool. The Housing Association Comparison Tool has been published on the Welsh Government website.

This tool enables comparisons between Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) in Wales, and includes information on stock numbers, financial performance and tenant feedback.

Customer satisfaction

Since May 2017 we’ve implemented a new way of conducting tenant satisfaction surveys. Over previous years we have been carrying out annual satisfaction surveys and then respond to tenant feedback on a one-off basis. However, under the new process we survey continuously which means that throughout the year we can improve and develop our services to meet your needs.

Every month we sample around 125 tenants who have recently received the following services; heating services, repairs, improvements work, rent enquiry, new tenants and anti-social behaviour cases. No tenant will be surveyed more than twice a year under this process.

The graph below shows the satisfaction for each service during 2018:

Tenant Satisfaction Graph 1

nder this new process we also ask nine key questions that allow us to compare our performance with other housing associations across Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom. The graph below shows our performance in these nine areas:

Welsh Government questions Housemark STAR questions

Tenant Satisfaction Graph 2

The results compare favourably with other housing associations and social landlords across Wales and the United Kingdom. Satisfaction has vastly improved since 2016 with some areas seeing improvements of over 20%.

Receiving continuous customer feedback from tenant satisfaction surveys on a more regular basis is a key driver to make improvements to the services we provide our tenants.

Whichever way you engage with us, we are committed to listen and act on your feedback whenever possible. Below are some of the changes we've implemented in response to complaints:

Repeat Repairs

You said: That you felt that you were waiting too long for appointments to carry out repairs.

We did: We are currently reviewing the way we offer appointments and have amended our diaries to try and ensure we are able to resolve repairs more efficiently.

Internal Communication

You said: Lack of internal communication is a root cause for complaints and dissatisfaction.

We did: We’ve relocated a high percentage of our staff to one central office and are working with services to improve processes to offer a more efficient service.

New Tenants

You said: That there was a lack of communication before you moved into your new property

We did: We are introducing a text messaging service to provide you with regular updates regarding the works progress in your new home.

Damp and Condensation

You said: Historical damp or condensation is an issue.

We did: Training has been provided to our maintenance officers to better diagnose what is the root cause of the damp or condensation and how best to rectify the problem. This is essential to improve the service we offer our tenants.

Lon Abererch, Pwllheli

You said: There are several issues following works completed by the contractor, Wates. A number of properties noted that internal snagging such as carpet grip strips and poor standard of the front footpaths.

We did: The Assets team have held a meeting with the contractors and they agreed to visit each property to carry out the necessary works.

Grass Cutting Service

You said: Several gardens have not been cut during the season with a number of tenants paying privately to have their grass cut.

We did: The client team registered every property that had raised this issue. Several properties had not re-registered for the service. To promote the scheme and the registration method we've advertised on social media and in our Tenant Newsletter.

Contractor Management

You said: Works completed by some of the contractors working on behalf of CCG was not completed to the expected standard.

We did: We have increased our on-site management of contractors and have introduced a checklist to scrutinise their performance.

The far reaching impact of CCG's investment across communities - independent report

The conclusions of a recent independent report highlights the positive effects of Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd’s (CCG) work on the lives of customers and the economy.

The conclusions are very positive and we are proud of what we have achieved.

Some of the report headlines:

  • Economy and regeneration – 494 individuals were employed whilst the investment programme was at its height
  • Health and wellbeing – Over half of our tenants say they think there has been an improvement in their and their children’s health as a result of the work
  • Social and community factors – the police report that there has been a reduction in low level crime and anti-social behaviour as a result of our work

Follow the links below to read both the summary report and the full report:

Economic, Social, Health and Wellbeing Impact Assessment - Summary Report

Economic, Social, Health and Wellbeing Impact Assessment - PACEC Full Report

Alternatively you can watch a film about the impact of CCG's investment across communities:

The film below is a series of interviews with deligates from the 2025 Conference, which is a collective who believes that avoidable health inequalities that exist in North Wales in 2015 is unacceptable. The aim is a movement for change that will end such inequalities by 2025. Our Chief Executive, Ffrancon Williams, explains the importance of housing in this vision (1 minute 55 seconds into the film):

English Interview

CCG is registered with and regulated by the Welsh Government. The government works with housing associations to ensure good quality of service to tenants and to ensure that they are governed effectively.

The methods used to gather information vary and can include: information presented in an annual self-assessment by each association, discussion with tenants, and reviewing business plans.

This report sets out the Welsh Government’s assessment and provides performance levels against the “Delivery Outcomes” (standards of performance) relating to:

  • Landlord services
  • Governance and financial management

A new Regulatory Judgement Framework was launched on 1 January 2017 and piloted throughout the year. The revised approach provides a focus on continuous improvement and a clear regulatory judgement. New performance indicators were also introduced that are designed to complement the new Regulatory Framework. The regulatory assessment work follows the risk-based approach to regulation and seeks to identify strengths and areas for improvements.

The focus is based on strategic risks and business viability issues, as well as good governance, specifically on how the Board is assured that its primary responsibility of ensuring the effective running of the RSL is fully and properly discharged.

Welsh Government Regulatory Opinion

Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd is regulated by the Welsh Government in relation to the provision of housing and matters relating to governance and financial management.

Part of this regulatory process requires Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd to self evaluate its activities in order to demonstrate how we are meeting the relevant guidelines. The self evaluation and Statement of Compliance is shared with Welsh Government’s Housing Regulation Team and is also regularly updated by us.

Following their assessment, the Welsh Government Housing Regulation Team publish their Regulatory Opinion report, available to download below, which sets out the Welsh Government’s Regulatory Opinion and is designed to provide CCG, its tenants, service users and other stakeholders with an understanding of how well we are presently performing against the delivery outcomes relating to:

  • Governance and Services
  • Financial Viability

The judgement falls into one of four categories: “Standard”; “Increased”; “Intervention” or “Statutory Action” In December 2018 the judgement given to CCG was “Standard” which means the company identified and manages current and emerging risks appropriately, and that we have adequate resources to meet our current and forecasted future business and financial commitments – this is a very positive conclusion.

Download the Regulatory Judgement 2018

Our commitment to health, safety, quality and the environment

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement

Environmental Policy Statement

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