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Gaining valuable experiences over the summer

16 young people from Pwllheli and Bangor have been taking part in a summer scheme run by the largest housing assoication in North Wales, Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd (CCG) to help improve their communities.

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Get involved

Do you want to get involved?

Do you want to develop your skills, meet new people and make a difference? This is your chance!

We are looking for enthusiastic tenants from all walks of life to take part, and to influence the services you get from CCG.

We want to hear your opinion on how we can improve and develop our services. This is your chance to play a part in the future of CCG as well as gain valuable new experiences.

We can offer you training and development opportunities, as well as help to cover travel, carers and child care expenses.

If you are interested, contact us:

For more information see our Ways to Get Involved leaflet

​Drop in session - Bethesda

Fancy being a tenant in one of our new houses in Lôn Bach Odro? Our new development in Bethesda.

Come and see us in:

  • Neuadd Ogwen, Stryd Fawr Bethesda

between 14:00 and 18:00 on 22 November 2019.

There will be members of staff from Gwynedd Council's Housing Options Team and our staff will be present to help and advice you.

We want our tenants and residents to be central to our work. We therefore want to ensure that we listen to you, regularly ask your opinion and involve you in our activities.

The purpose of this page is to ask your opinion and invite your comments on various developments.

Cysgod y Coleg, Y Bala

We are looking into the possibility of building 9 new homes at land near Cysgod y Coleg, Y Bala.

There is a high demand for affordable homes to rent in the area with 68 applicants on the register for a social home.

It is proposed that these 9 units would include:
• 6 x 2 Bedroom Houses
• 3 x 2 Bedroom Bungalows

Take a look at the plans below and complete a simple questionnaire to have your say.

Site location
Proposed site layout
Bungalow plans and elevations
Dwelling plans and elevations
Artist impression of how the proposed units will look

Complete our online feedback form to have your say on the plans.

We are looking for new Independent, Tenant and Co-opted Members for our Board.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference to social and affordable housing.
We're particularly interested to recruit people with skills and experience in housing

  • development
  • construction
  • finance
  • housing management
  • audit and risk

These are paid roles involving around 3 days a month.
Relevant training and development provided.

For further information contact the Governance Team on:
  • 0300 123 8084

Closing date: 4 January 2019

Customer Participation Framework

To ensure that our customers play a part in shaping our future, CCG has launched a new Customer Participation Strategy for 2016-2020.

The strategy outlines how tenants and residents can take part and influence CCG services, as well as identifying priorities and areas for improvement and development in our work over the next four years.

The strategy ensures that you can choose from a number of ways to participate, to allow us to ensure that there is an opportunity for anyone who wishes to participate to get involved with us.

Learn more about our: Customer Participation Framework

What is ‘Getting Involved’?

Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd (CCG) is looking for enthusiastic tenants from all walks of life to Get Involved and to influence the services that CCG provides.

Getting Involved enables you to have your say on matters relating to your home and your community and also allows you to play an important role in the future of the company.

As a social landlord, CCG has committed to ensuring that we offer various opportunities that inspire our customers to get involved and shape and improve our services.

We will commit to show how your contribution makes a difference.

Why Get Involved with CCG?

  • Opportunity for you to have your say and improve your life and your community.
  • Opportunity to improve and develop services
  • Various training opportunities which are all free of charge
  • Opportunity to improve skills and confidence
  • Opportunity to gain new and exciting experiences
  • Opportunity to meet other people
  • Get to know staff and learn more about housing

How can I Get Involved?

It is easy to Get Involved with CCG!

You can decide whether you want to Get Involved by giving a lot of your time or by giving just a little of your time – we are looking to offer different options which will suit everybody’s different needs and circumstances. It’s up to you.

We hold regular meetings for those of you that are willing and able to dedicate more time and we also offer less formal methods for those of you with less time on your hands.

Some of our different options for Getting Involved are listed below:

Getting Involved....informally:

We understand that attending meetings and completing questionnaires does not appeal to everyone, so we are therefore looking to hold more informal events and activities such as:

Community Events:
CCG supports various events held within our communities. Here, you can discuss various matters with CCG staff members.

Go to our website to see which events we intend to attend or you can contact us for more information.

Estate Visits:
We organize a program of annual estate visits which enables us to meet you in your homes and communities. This is an opportunity for you to discuss matters, share ideas or to report any complaints or concerns with a member of staff.

Go to our website to see our program of annual estate visits or you can contact us for more information.

Getting Involved....occasionally:

Customer Panel:
If you do not have much time, but would still like to give your opinion on some matters that are important to you, then you can join our Customer Panel. We send a short questionnaire to the panel members, asking questions on various aspects of CCG’s services. Your thoughts and opinions will help CCG make important decisions regarding the services that you receive.

You can complete the questionnaire in your own time, over the phone, via the internet or by returning it through the post.

There is also an opportunity for everyone that returns a questionnaire to win a cash prize.

Tenant and Resident Association:
CCG has a number of tenant and resident associations across Gwynedd. In a Tenant and Resident Association, local residents come together to focus on and attempt to resolve local issues as well as to arrange community events and activities within your communities.

Go to CCG’s website to discover more information about the Tenant and Resident Associations that already exist. If no Tenant or Resident Association exists within your community and you would like to set one up, then please contact us for more information.

Getting Involved....more frequently:

CCG Tenant and Resident Partnership:
The Partnership is a group of CCG tenant and residents and is the main body which works with CCG on matters relating to tenants and residents. CCG consults with the Partnership before making any big decisions that will have an influence on or which will effect tenants.

During the Partnership networks, there is an opportunity for tenants and residents across Gwynedd to come together to discuss ideas and concerns, and take part in various discussions and workshops.

The Partnership network meets up approximately every two months in different locations throughout the county.

Customers and Communities Group:
This is the main group which looks at customer service and landlord services (including letting our properties, setting and collecting rent, anti-social behaviour, communication and much more). The group looks at and monitors service performance, as well as looking at operational documents such as policies, strategies and service standards.

The group meets approximately every 3 months.

The items discussed by the group are reported back to one of the CCG Management Board sub-committees, which means that this is an opportunity for you to seriously influence CCG’s Services.

Homes and Assets Group:
This is the main group which looks at the work linked to our homes and our assets (which includes the Repairs and Maintenance Service, Improvements Works, and the New Build Developments). The group looks at and monitors service performance, as well as looking at operational documents such as policies, strategies and service standards.

The group meets approximately every 3 months.

The items discussed by the group are reported back to one of the CCG Management Board sub-committees, which means that this is an opportunity for you to seriously influence CCG’s Services.

Quality for Tenants Team:
The Quality for Tenants Team works as an independent inspector on behalf of tenants. The team’s role is to contact other tenants who have received work or a particular service from CCG or one of our contractors, asking questions to see how satisfied they were with the work/service.

The team holds an inspection approximately every 3 months.

After completing each review, the team compiles a report and recommends changes to improve the particular work/service.

Task and Finish Groups:
From time to time, CCG commissions a group to look at specific areas of CCG services. As a rule, the group only meets up once and the findings and discoveries of the group are used to make decisions to improve the service.


The Community Involvement Team are available to help anyone who wants to Get Involved with CCG. Do not worry if you have not Got Involved in the past, we can offer relevant support to you or we can arrange training on your behalf.

We will do our best to ensure that the various meetings are held across the county wherever possible. We will ensure that you are not out of pocket through Getting Involved and will reimburse travelling costs (and will try to help with travel arrangements) child care, carer costs, as well as providing a monthly computer/ phone allowance.

Get in touch

If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch:

  • text 07990567341
  • like our facebook page and send us a direct message
  • e-mail
  • phone the Community Involvement team on 0300 213 8084

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Quality For Tenants Team was established in April 2014 to try and improve the work and services that CCG provides, for the benefit of all our tenants.

The team is made up of members from CCG’s Tenant and Resident Partnership, who come from all areas of Gwynedd.

The team conduct regular reviews, looking at different areas of work and services within CCG. During each review, the team contacts tenants to ask them about their experiences and levels of satisfaction with the work/service that they recently received from CCG.

Following each review a report of the findings is published below:

09/2014 Gwaith Trwsio Ymatebol - Responsive Repairs Work

11/2014 Canolfan Alwadau - Call Centre

02/2015 Gwaith Trwsio Ymatebol - Responsive Repairs Work

08/2015 Canolfan Alwadau a Trwsio - Call Centre and Repairs

02/2016 Gwasanaethu Nwy - Gas Servicing

06/2016 Trwsio - Repairs

11/2016 Cyfnewid - Mutual Exchange

11/2016 Cyfathrebu Trwsio - Repairs Communication

02/2017 Gwasanaethu Nwy - Gas Servicing

If you would like to join the Team or if you want more information please contact the Community Involvement Team on 0300 123 8084 or

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