Energy Wardens

Energy Wardens

We areworking in partnership with Grŵp Cynefin and North Wales Housing to offer an Energy Warden service for our tenants.

The Energy Wardens can arrange to visit you in your home to provide impartial advice and support which could help you reduce your bills and energy use.

How can the Energy wardens help you?

Contact us to arrange a visit from our Energy Wardens:

Phone: 0300 123 8084

Well, to put it save money!

We now employ three part-time Energy Wardens. They provide impartial advice to our tenants on how to reduce energy usage in their home and how to save money on their energy bills.

Still not convinced you should contact our Energy Wardens? Here is an overview of their achievements in the South Arfon area during 2017/18

  • Our Wardens ensured that 2017 'Warm Home Discounts' were submitted, which led to savings of £28,980 for our tenants.
  • Our Wardens helped 20 tenants to change Energy Suppliers, which led to annual savings of £2,668 for our tenants.
  • Our Wardens helped 19 tenants to save a total of £4,750 through Welsh Water's Help U Scheme.

So what are you waiting for? Contact our Energy Wardens to make some savings for yourself and the environment.

Energy Wardens

There are several small thing you can do in your home to save you money and use less energy.

Give these a try, you'll see the difference in your pockets by the end of the month!


  • Don't leave the tap running when cleaning your teeth
  • Take a shower not a bath, a 5 minute shower uses less water than a filling a bath
  • Put a filled plastic bottle in the cistern to reduce how much water you use
  • Fill your washing machine and dishwasher before putting it on
  • Contact us as soon as you notice a leak in your home
  • Ever though about buying a water butt to collect rain water? These are really handy to water the plants instead of using tap water


  • Change to energy saving bulbs, these last 10 times more than a normal bulb
  • Wash your clothes at 30 degrees
  • Reduce the temperature of your fridge, 1 or 2 degrees can make a huge difference.
  • Close the curtains in winter, stop drafts and keep the heat in your home
  • Fancy a cup of tea? Nobody else fancy one? Don't fill the kettle to the top, just boil enough for one cup of tea
  • Defrosting your freezer twice a year can reduce costs by 10%
  • Use your washing line to dry clothes instead of throwing them into the tumble dryer
  • Putting your lights off and on a lot can use more electricity
  • Your tv will still use electricity when it's on stand-by - put your tv off completely if your not watching it.

These are only a few simple changes - our Energy Wardens can help you with so much more.

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