Corporate Plan 2019 - 2022

This is a summary of our corporate plan.

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This plan sets out what we want to accomplish by 2022. It reflects our vision and values, our fundamental principles, and the key goals we want to achieve.

Our Vision

“As a leading provider of quality homes and services, we want to make a positive difference to people and their communities.”

Specifically, by 2022 our vision is to provide all our customers with first-rate services as standard; to have provided 550 new affordable homes to those in housing need; to have established a trusted presence throughout Wales; to be generating 10% of our surplus from new commercial activity; to be regarded as a great place to work by staff and potential staff, and as a partner of choice by other reputable organisations.

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Our Values

Our goals for 2022 will be undertaken in accordance with our core values:


We act fairly and impartially, respecting the dignity and individuality of everyone.


We are trustworthy and transparent in the way we work and make decisions.


We are a dynamic and ambitious organisation that supports innovation and creativity, and seek opportunities to enhance all aspects of our business.


We take responsibility for our decisions and actions and for finding solutions

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Our fundamental principles

Four key principles form the foundation of our work:

  • Working in partnership
  • Ensuring value for money
  • Promoting the Welsh language
  • Empowerment in the workplace

Our key themes

Homes and services

By 2022 we will achieve:

  • Over 90% customer satisfaction with our services
  • 10% reduction in running costs and CO2 emissions in our most energy inefficient properties
  • Over 85% tenant satisfaction that we listen to and act on their comments and concerns
  • Maintaining 100% of our homes to the Welsh Housing Quality Standard


By 2022 we will:

  • Build 550 new affordable homes
  • Generate 10% surplus from new commercial activity
  • Build 50 new innovative homes to as near to zero carbon standards as practicable

Our Communities

By 2022 we will achieve:

  • 90% customer satisfaction with their community
  • 60 customers a year assisted to employment
  • 6 Apprenticeship and graduate opportunities created each year

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Our Business

We place a great deal of value in our staff, and we want to continue to encourage a strong and empowering workplace culture, where each staff member is rewarded for their contribution.

By 2022 we will achieve:

  • An operating margin in excess of 30%
  • £1.90 Local economy impact for each £1 spent
  • Over 90% user satisfaction by all customer with our core business system
  • Over 90% Staff satisfaction
  • A reduction in our carbon footprint impact each year by 10%
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