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Community homes

We offer property rent free to tenant and residents groups to support and promote community activities.

At the moment, 4 different properties are used by different groups:

‘Tŷ Peblig’ (4 Pen Sgubor, Caernarfon) - Peblig Tenants and Residents Group

The property is used as a Community House by the group to conduct meetings, training sessions and various community events The property is used every day.

During the past year - 2014-2015, Community First Project Workers and CCG Community Wardens have been using one of the rooms as an office and as a place to meet tenants and residents.

Along with these two services Barnados, Mudiad Adfer Môn and Gwynedd, Citizens Advice and Peblig Majorettes Group also use the house regularly. Food Co-op sessions and an internet cafe is also held at the house on a weekly basis.

23 Llys Dylan, Maesgeirchen, Bangor - PMP (Partneriaeth Maesgeirchen Partnership)

Maesgeirchen Partnership uses the property as an office for the ‘Fast Track to Developing Skills and Opportunities' project administrator. This project aims to motivate young people between 16-25 years old that are not in education, employment nor training to develop their skills offering them a 3 day, accredited course in basic engineering. The first year of this project was supported through CCG's Community Benefit Fund.

During 2014-2015, the Energy Warden, the local Councillor and Communities First also use the property as an office and to hold surgeries for local tenants and residents.

24 Llys Dylan, Maesgeirchen, Bangor - MATRA (Tan y Bryn and Maesgeirchen Residents Association)

The property is used as an office for Maesgeirchen and Tan y BrynTenants and Residents Association that represent about 1,200 homes.

The Group continue to work with other organisations such as North Wales Credit Union, RSPCA and North Wales Police and Citizens Advice and they conduct advice and information sessions for Maesgeircehn tenants and resident in the building.

The knitting and sewing group also in the property on a weekly basis.

15 Ffordd Elidir, Maesincla, Caernarfon - Grŵp Llygaid Maesincla

The property has been run by Llygaid Maesincla Group since 2013. The aim of Maesincla Eye Group is to install CCTV cameras in the area in an effort to reduce anti-social behaviour in the Maesincla/Cadnant area. The group have been successful but they were also keen to help the whole community and now operate as the community tenants and residents association.

Citizens Advice, Credit Union, Communities First and the Food Co-op have worked work from the centre during 2014-2015. The group also conducts community events including St David's day celebrations, Easter egg hunt, summer fair, Christmas parties etc for the local residents.

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