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Changes to your benefits

The Welfare Reform Act was passed by the Government and introduces a wide range of changes to the benefit system.

Universal Credit

Over the coming months Universal Credit will be replacing the following benefits:

  • jobseekers allowance
  • employment and support allowance
  • income support
  • child tax credit
  • working tax credit
  • housing benefit

Your universal credit will be paid monthly and will include your rent. You will need to make arrangements with us to set up a direct debit to pay your rent.

More information about Universal Credit can be found on Gwynedd Council's website.

If you are worried or unsure whether you will be affected do not hesitate to contact a member of the Rents team on 0300 123 8084.

Under Occupancy / Bedroom Tax

Families of working age who under occupy their home will have their housing benefit cut if they are classed as having one or more spare room.

More information can be found on Citizen's Advice's website.

Benefit Cap

The UK Government has decided that there should be a limit on how much a family can receive in benefits.

More information about the Benefit Cap can be found on Gwynedd Council's website.

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

Each Local Authority is given a pot of money each year to help people who qualify for housing benefit, but who still struggle to pay their rent. This pot is called Discretionary Housing Payment. Each council will decide who the payment is given to, how much it is for and how long it is paid for – this will be assessed on each individual claim.

More information can be found on Gwynedd Council's website.

Useful Tips

Banking - If you don't have a bank account, pop by your local bank or Credit Union

Access to the web - If you don't have access to the internet at home, there are several places in your local area that offer free internet access or wi-fi. Digital Gwynedd's website show the local points in your area where you can access the web.

Budgeting - There is advice on GOV.UK's website about Universal Credit and how to budget your money.

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