Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation is about taking an honest view of how we were doing, what we did to improve or sustain performance and what the outcomes for our customers were (what difference have we made?). This year’s self-evaluation aligns with the current Board Assurance mechanisms that provide ongoing monitoring and evaluation through its Board and Committees. It is firmly based on the way we’ve engaged with tenants, evaluated current performance of the organisation, including what has gone well, and what areas need to improve.

A summary of the self-evaluation for each Performance Standard (which form part of the new Regulatory Framework) is summarised in Table A below. The self-evaluation exercise paints a positive picture of the company, in particular the way it seeks to provide Board assurance on aspects of performance, governance and financial viability. The results are indicative of a mature organisation that is self-aware and continuously strives for improvement.

Table A: Self Assessment ranking against the new Performance Standards
PS Performance Standard Ranking
1 Effective Board and executive management with a clear and ambitious vision for the Registered Social Landlord 4STAR
2 Effective and appropriate tenant involvement and high quality and improving services 4STAR
3 Comprehensive assessment of the business impacts of current and emerging risks, including new business and development opportunities 4STAR
4 Clearly evidenced self-evaluation and statement of compliance 5STAR
5 A track record of achieving positive outcomes, responding appropriately to new challenges and performance issues 3STAR
6 Delivering value for money in all areas of the business 4STAR
7 Compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements and guidance 5STAR
8 A financial plan which delivers and supports the business plan and effective monitoring of financial performance 5STAR
9 Effective management of treasury operations ensuring sufficient liquidity at all times 5STAR
10 A clear understanding of liabilities and asset performance 5STAR

We have continued to base our assessment against the new Performance Standards on the ranking system summarised in Table B:

Table B: Self Evaluation Ranking Methodology
Rank What does it mean?
5STAR We're doing well, but we need to keep going
4STAR We're doing well but we can still get better
3STAR We're doing ok, but we know what we need to do to get better
2STAR We're doing ok, but we need to put plans in place to get better
1STAR We need to improve, but we know how to get better
0STAR We need to improve, and we need to understand what needs to be done

Our Self Evaluation against the ten Performance Standards are monitored on a regular basis and are reported to the Board on a quarterly basis. The latest position for the most recent quarter can be viewed below:


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